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The task: Development of a website with an integrated by SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM programmed room reservation and hotel administration system.
Requirements: Modern and noble.
Moreover: Logo of the hotel, outdoor advertisement, texts, SEO and interior photography for the website.


Inspiration for the web design and the logo design came from the elegant interior architecture of the hotel, in which modern and country styles were tastefully combined. The texts were written in three languages and optimized for the search engines. The hotel room reservation system, created and continuously improved by us since 2010, provides optimal conditions for the visitors to search, to find and to book a perfect room.

Outdoor Advertising

For external advertising a line of products was designed and printed: glass dekoration foils for the main entrance door and for the doors inside the builing; a light box with the name and logo, flags and a scaffold tarpaulin decorate the outside walls, advertise and serve as orientation signs at the same time.