Restaurant Pasternak,
Café Datscha

Restaurant Pasternak: Website, Photo Gallery
Café Datscha: Website, Photo Gallery

The task: Relaunch of the websites of a popular restaurant chain of Russian and Jewish cuisine.
Requirements: The new designs for the restaurants' websites with a common concept,
but at the same time underlining an individual character of each restaurant.
Moreover: Photos of food and interior.


All the websites where to be redesigned completely. The chain is recognisable throught the design as the structure and the background and basic elements are the same, still each website has its own identity. The homepages contain the most essential information: the history of restaurants, menus and contacts.

Interior and Food Photography

Our photography department Mach's begehrt has approached the task professionally, as always: the interior photographs captured the cosiness and warmth of the restaurants, and the fine dishes on the food photos look magical but oh so realistically tasty!

Café Datscha: Фотография