The task:
 App development for an American company Poberd LLC.
Requirements: A wardrobe organizer and a fashion app in one, for smart phones and tablets.
Moreover: Logo design, a demo website  and a web-based version of the application.

The Conception

We studied thoroughly the existing mobile applications which deal with wardrobe organizing in order to have tools to make Clamotty a worthy competitor. Our priorities from the start of the project were: a user friendly interface, discreet but elegant design and multiple additional functions, which make the use of the app interesting and interactive. Moreover, we have decided not to limit the target group of the app to female public, since nowadays men are as interested in fashion and sometimes their wardrobes are as impressive as those of women.

Interface Development

A user friendly interface is one of the guarantees of success. Any user should be able to act intuitively while using the program and understand how it works without careful reading of instructions and confusion around the functions. We have carefully thought every function of Clamotty through and created more than 30 layouts.

Attention to Detail

As we all know, the devil is in the detail, that is why we paid a lot of attention to particularities. Scrupulously drawn elements of the design please the eye and let the users easily orientate themselves through the program. Each button icon contains nine layers. Clamotty has the total of 43 icons in two sizes: for iOS and for Android versions. Each one of the four screen resolutions needs its adjusted size of the pictograms. We made sure that even in the smallest scope the images stay clear and easy to read.

clamotty icons

Virtual Wardrobe

The wardrobe organizer Clamotty is multifunctional: users can create virtual wardrobes, match outfits, make wish lists, plan with the help of a calendar which outfits and when to wear, pack a suitcase, and much more. Moreover, the program has access to main fashion news and fashion trends which are regularly updated.

System PES®:
Purpose, Environment, Season"

The uniqueness of our application lies in an algorithm especially developed by SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM and mathematicians of Poberd LLC. The algorithm is responsible for the function of a virtual stylist. The stylist compares the data of every item with the data of a particular user and creates a perfect outfit using the «Purpose, Environment, Season» principal, abbreviated PES®.