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The task: Development of corporate design and of an online shop selling flowering tea.
Requirements: Elegance and usability.
Moreover: Product photos, copywriting, logo, packaging and print products.

The Concept

This website is more than just an online shop with a products catalogue. It contains detailed information on the topic Tea in general and Flowering tea or Blooming tea in particular. A visitor of the website learns interesting facts about the products, which contributes to the decision to order.


The clear structure of the online tea-shop allows it to receive a general impression of the product line and to go through the categories, without getting lost in the assortment. Elegant symbols stand for different types of tea and for additional features. A user friendly menu, short but informative texts and high quality product photos invite a visitor to try the blooming tea and order tea sets and pottery pieces that accompany them.

Product Pages

Every product page contains a short description of a particular product and some further information, accompanied with relevant icons. Several photos of each product present the blooming tea and the tea sets in all their beauty. Each detail has its place. There is nothing superfluous and nothing missing.

Packaging for Flowering Tea

In retail sale the product packaging sometimes plays more important of a role than the product itself. In such a case it is not the product that sells but more emotions and feelings that come along. The packaging gives a customer a foretaste. And since the customer is always searching for new emotions and experiences, the packaging has to be unique and remarkable. We created separate packages for each flowering tea type: unusual, compact and modern.

Print Products

Print products are an important marketing tool.
Here are some flyers of Teeblüte – the Flowering-Tea Company:

... and the business cards:

Product Photographs

A flowering tea blossom in a glass pot behaves like a diva, especially when it comes to taking photos of it. Getting beautiful pictures of this delicate product is a task for a professional and experienced photographer.

Teeblüte Onlineshop: Webdesign & Produktfotografie Berlin