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The task: Development of corporate designs and a website for the new bistro MIDI.
Requirements: Summer-shiny and sunny – like afternoon in Provence.
Moreover: Food photography, copywriting, print products.

Corporate design developed by us for the Bistro MIDI was nominated by the German Design Council
for the German Design Award 2016, one of the most recognised design competitions all around the world.

Bistro Midi: German Awards Nominee


Logo Development

The first challenge was the development of the logo for the new bistro. The task of SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM was to interconnect the name MIDI (French for Afternoon) and the dining experience the bistro provides.

Print Products

For the first wave of advertisement we, together with the bistro's management, chose high-quality solid paper with partially 3D-vanishing coat for flyers and business cards. Varios additional products followed, which make us very proud we must admit.

Web Design

The second challenge was the website. It had to be as unconventional and flexible as the Bistro MIDI itself, since it offers various dishes à la carte as well as in form of buffet. The website is programmed universally so it fits any screen, from a PC to any smart phone.

Menu Pages

The focus of the website lies on pages which describe dish and beverage range and finger food selection at the Bistro MIDI and the services offered such as catering and delivery.

Food Photography

We also made food and interior photos for the Bistro MIDI. It took several photo sessions to shoot the rooms and most importantly the food. All the images are in use on the website, at exterior advertisement and in print production of the company. Some of them can be also seen in the photo gallery of our photography department Mach's begehrt.

Bistro Midi: Food Photography