The task:
Development of a web software for organising, sharing and joint editing of contact data for private persons as well as for companies. Requirements: Safety of the software; various account types; desktop version and mobile version. Moreover: Logo development and design, promo-webpage and image photos for illustration.


The promo-website of the Contact-Book address manager features the philosophy of the project in general: even such a serious and prosaic thing
as a contact-centric database can be fun to use if you add little lightness and humour to it.

Organising Data

The Contact-Book gives the possibility to sort contacts by groups with an option to create new groups and edit them.
The most essential information about a contact can be seen at a glance on the general contact list.

Contact Page

A contact page has various options for editing and updating of information: a photograph of a contact can be uploaded; telephone numbers, addresses, birth-dates, web-links and further additional information can be added. Moreover, a user can type in a description or comments to a certain contact which will only be readable to their author, even if this particular contact is shared with other users.

Friends on Contact-Book

Although Contact-Book is no social network, it features quite a few social network features. Friends can be found directly
on Contact-Book or invited to Contact-Book via email. The list of friends, as well as Contact data list can be sorted into groups.

A Friend's Page

Every friend's page consists of two parts: one part is personal information shared by the friend with others,
and another part – a comment or a note written by the user for him or herself only for private viewing.

Contacts Share

Single contact records or an entire group of contacts can be shared with friends on the Contact-Book. After a friend confirms receiving of the shared contacts he or she can edit and update them as well. The user who shared the contacts initially receives a message with a proposition to update the contact data. He or she can also keep on editing the contacts and share the updates the same way.

Concept and Photography

Especially for the website of Contact-Book we planned and organised a photo session with several characters.
These imaginary characters represent different types of accounts and illustrate the most important highligths of the programme.