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Task: An online shop for an evening wear boutique in Berlin.
Requirements: Design and programming of an attractive, user friendly and clearly structured online boutique.
Moreover: Catalogue photos of cocktail dresses and evening gowns.


While creating the online shop we paid special attention to clear structure of the catalogue, where every girl would be able to find an evening dress of her dreams. The clear arrangement of items and filters for size and colour allow it to search quickly and efficiently through the wonderful gallery of models.


Every item, be it an evening, cocktail or a ball dress, is presented with several images made from different angles: each picture can be clicked and zoomed. Even the smallest details can be seen on the screen. The description of the items contains a fit guide, information about materials and care instructions. The function "To the wish list" allows selecting several dresses and having a closer look at them before deciding for the perfect one.

Fashion Photography

We constantly participate in the photo sessions: The photography department of SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM Mach's begehrt works with divodress on the long-term basis, filling the catalogue of the boutique with professional attractive photos of the products. The images show the glamour of evening and cocktail dresses, the smoothness of materials and the true shades of colours. By the way our photo model Christina became an official face of the evening wear trademark «divodress».

Divodress Gallery: Product Photography & Fashion Photography