Bellevue Berlin Hotel: Website
Mikon Eastgate Hotel: Website

The task: A full service package from SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM: relaunch of the hotels logos; design and development of websites with our own integrated room reservation and administration system; interior photography; multilingual copywriting; and design of print products.
Requirements: User friendly interface so the guests would rather book directly with the hotels.
Moreover: SEO for the new websites.

Relaunch of the given Logos

The three given hotel logos had to be redesigned, so they would look modern and at the same time be recognisable for the regular guests. It was the remaking of the Lindenufer Hotel logo that was an especially exciting task.

Corporate Design of the Hotels

As the logos of the hotels had been renewed, new business cards were created. Flyers of several formats, outdoor advertisement and a new logo for the mother company GOLDAGROUP followed.

Hotel Websites

The websites of the hotels are similar in design; however every website has its own features which define special highlights of each hotel. Each website is clearly structured and every subpage is filled with multilingual texts and wonderful interior photos made by our agency. 

The three completed projects started to pay off immediately: up to 40% of all the bookings are now made directly through the hotels' own websites – it means saving fees to be paid to booking portals.

Attention to Details

It is of large importance to us to think through every little detail and draw it in such a way that its role is clearly fulfiled. We strongly believe that It is the smallest features that make a guest stay on a website and trust its contents.

Our Room Reservation System

The core of our hotel website production is the room reservation and administration system, which we created and programmed in the year 2010 and have been improving ever since. The system provides receptionists a quick and efficient way to administrate hotel rooms, while guests enjoy a friendly and easy way to find and book their perfect room.