Hansa Cube

The task:
Development of a new logo and of a website for a company that builds first class villas on Mallorca.
Requirements: Serious, top-quality and user friendly.
Moreover: Copywriting in three languages and optimization of the website for seаrch engines.

Logo Development & Web Design

SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM developed the new logo of the company: efficient and down-to-earth, but at the same time luxurious and open, as the real estate built by Hansa Cube itself. The new website is structured and designed in such a way that spaciousness and exclusivity of the villas are shown as well as their top quality, guaranteed by the German experts in the field.

Beautiful Design for beautiful Villas

Elegant interior and exterior design of the houses is mirrored in the minimalistic design of the webpages. All the elements of the new website, including the icons which stand for property characteristics, were carefully and scrupulously thought through and drawn in detail.