Beauty Salon Beautico

Beautico: Website
Beautico: Interior Photography

The task: Conception, design & development of a company website for a newly opened beauty salon in Berlin; interior photoshooting.
Requirements: Responsivity, clarity and functionality, glamorous appearance.
Moreover: Design of flyers, business cards, advertisement boards and a Facebook campaign.

Responsive Web Design

The website of the beauty salon was universally programmed for all kinds and sizes of screens: be it a PC, a tablet, a laptop or a smart phone.

Transparancy and Elegancy

The interior design of the beauty studio Beautico has inspired design of the website: light and cosy rooms of the salon are elegantly and tastefully furnished without any superfluous knickknacks. The website is visually uncomplicated: pastel colours, clear readable fonts and discrete but beautiful interior images on the background make it user friendly. The mobile version presents minimalistic design which allows effecient use of it on mobile devices.

Print Products

Flyers, business cards and outdoor advertising were designed in the same elegant style as the website: gold and white on black background with an effective 3D varnish finishing.

Interior Photography

The main task of our interior photo session was to transmit the warmth and cosiness of the salon. You are welcome to see some images on our separate website dedicated to product photography.

Kosmetiksalon Beautico: Interiоr Photography