European Projects


The European project LIGHT (Language for Integration and Global Human Tolerance) develops a concept of bilingual kindergartens as an innovative European model. It was grounded by the international pedagogical society MITRA e.V and carried out successfully with the help of its partner organisations from five Еuropean countries. We, as an agency, have participated in the project by designing and producing report booklets at the end of the year 2009.

The second European project VIA LIGHT, dedicated to support of early bilingual education and to a training program for teachers who work with bilingual children, started on January the 1st, 2012. We became the official media partners of the project along with the international information agency RIA Novosti (Russia). Total of 12 partner organisations from eight European and non-European countries participated in the project.

At the end of 2013 the VIA LIGHT Association was found on the basis of this European project. SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM is a member of the Association and is in charge of design and print of the international Association.

European Project LIGHT (2008–2009)

The task: Design and production of four report booklets for the project. Format: DIN A4, Volume: 2 x 72 pages and 2 x 36 pages.
Requirements: International, colourful and positive.

Broschüren LIGHT: Gestaltung und Produktion

Covers of the both booklets in Russian language

Broschüren LIGHT: Gestaltung und Produktion

Double page of one of the booklets in German

European Project VIA LIGHT (2012–2013)

The task: Design, PR and photo assistance of the project; taking part in several conferences in five European countries; planning of the cooperation meetings with the second media partner RIA Novosti in Moscow and Berlin; preparation of the project reports for the European commission.
In particular: Logo design, print design, information leaflets, posters, newsletters and screen presentations. Design and realisation of a project website as well as an interactive learning portal for pedagogical staff in kindergardens and schools. Design and production of the total of four report brochures (Format: DIN A4, Volume: 2 x 60 pages and 2 x 40 pages).

VIA LIGHT: Gestaltung von Informationsbroschüren

Information broschures in «staircase form»

VIA LIGHT: Gestaltung von Plakaten


VIA LIGHT: Gestaltung von Berichtsbroschüren

Covers of the report brochures in German
and some double pages (below)


The website of VIA LIGHT contains all the information and project news in various languages and has a closed area with additional information for project participants only.

Association VIA LIGHT

The ideas behind the projects LIGHT und VIA LIGHT keep on existing through the association VIA LIGHT. The association was grounded at the end of 2013 in Berlin and counts hundreds of members from almost 20 countries all around the world.

Association VIA LIGHT: Geschäftsausstattung

Print appearance of the Association VIA LIGHT