ROCKBITES: Online Shop

The task: Logo Relaunch, Corporate Design. Product design for the company and packaging design. Online shop.
Requirements: Cool & rocking.
Moreover: Catalogue, flyers, product stickers, outdoor advertisements, letterheads, business cards and so on.


Online Shop for Doormats

An online shop was developed for series of doormats and carpets a year later. It is the largest doormat webshop in Germany at the moment with around 200 rocking and funny motives.

Doormat Design

Since 2007 ROCKBITES produces doormats with its own motives. Since 2010 we design the doormats for the company: about 30 new motives per year come out to the market developed by ROCKBITES in cooperation with SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM.

Packaging Design

We designed packaging for all kinds of ROCKBITES products, especially for doormats and carpets of different sizes. A large variety of product stickers, shields and product display stands were created and produced.

Exhibition Stand

The ROCKBITES exhibition stand was designed as cool and rocking as the company products.

More Products

SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM created a variety of other product lines for ROCKBITES, for example a bottle opener with a magnet back in the form of the coolest brands of electric guitars:

The electric guitars bottle openers: one of our favourite products!