SCHLEICHER-FARM.COM is a professional and closely-knit team of programmers, designers, copywriters and photographers. Keeping up with the modern world progress means continious will to learn and improve one's skills – one of our ground rules for anybody who wants to be a part of our team. And here are things that we have already learnt.

Company Websites

We create company websites of all kinds: small websites, large websites, very large websites; websites for lawyers and tax consultants; websites for associations and fashion labels; websites for artists and real estate agents. Each website is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they all help our clients to become and stay successful.

Product Design

An entire product from scratch or a packaging for an existing product, in 2D or 3D – we take over the development and use all the best programs to achieve the best result. The process of creation of a new product is vital for the future success on the market. It is also of crucial importance to continuously develop and improve the product. We will gladly be of any help!

Branding & Corporate Design

Clear and unique corporate identity is essential for a company. The image of your business is our top priority. We listen, we develop ideas, we discuss them with you and design your individual look: from logo and letter heads to annual reports, websites, product design, exterior advertisement and exhibition stands.


You already have a website, but internet search does not bring it out? Competition is strong and a good position within the search results of Google & Co is of great importance. We offer OnPage as well as OffPage search engine optimization, so your clients will be able to find you! Right keywords, natural backlinks and a little bit of patience will bring their results.

Fashion Photography

We love fashion. We love it to illustrate fashion online shops with beautiful and stylish fashion photographs. We create virtual catalogues with lots of attention to glamorous appearance and to transmission of true colours of clothing. We make jewellery and dresses shine on the images and show their best sides to your customers.


Success of an online shop depends on its user friendliness, clarity and transparency. We develop internet shops which make shopping pleasant and uncomplicated. Extensive product information for customers as well as efficient stock and accounting management for website owners are our points of emphasis. Besides, online shops we develop are up-to-date and customer wishes oriented.

Complex Projects

Have you got an unusual project idea?
We love challenge! We develop web applications of almost any complexity: they are safe, user friendly and efficient. In the last few years we have developed our own online shop system, a hotel reservation and administration system and several complex web portals, such as a contact manager.

Architectural Photography

While photographing hotels, restaurants, offices, villas or such large objects as ship lift in Finow near Berlin, we bring external and inner architecture harmoniously and aesthetically into the scene. Our images transmit special atmosphere of old-time buildings with their high ceilings or the clarity of modern architecture with its rough edges and lightness.

Product Packaging

One of the marketing ground rules: anything can be sold when the presentation is right. Packaging is an important element and is akin to a picture frame: a correctly structured and designed product packaging provides a product with an identity and adds to its value. To some extend sometimes it is the packaging that sells, not the product...

Apps for Mobile Devises

If you have an idea for a new app, bring it to us. Our experience and know-how helps us develop trendy apps for Android and iOS target platforms. To accompany an app we will create a demo-website and a presentation; we will optimise it for search engines and for the target market – all in one. We develop, publish, optimise your app and guide it towards the success.

Online Games

We develop exciting learning games and online Christmas calendars, voucher raffles for marketing campaigns and mini games for attracting attention to company websites. Weather you bring your own idea or just explain us your goal, we will make it happen!

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Exhibition & Presentation Stands

Creativity, tasteful design and our positive vision of things will give your exhibition stand or outside advertisement an edge over your competitors. Optimal optical properties, brand recognition, distraction grade – all these factors play their role in design of roll up displays, posters, light boxes, large-scale advertising spaces and so on.

Hotel Websites

The tourism industry is nowadays digitalized to a large extent. Our multilingual websites for hotels with an integrated room reservation and hotel administration system are satisfactory for guests as well as for hotel owners. Our interior photographs bring out the best sides of hotels and the texts we write are entertaining and informative
at the same time.

Food & Product Photography

Our aim is to help you bring a product to potential customers. That is why we photograph your product in an attractive and persuasive manner: weather it should appear comfortable, luxurious, solid or tasty – exactly the way that your customer wants to see it. We work with the best equipment, provide best quality and bring your vision of the product into reality.

Print Design

Print design is an important instrument in the process of conquering the market. Professional design of catalogues, leaflets, brochures, invitations, etc. saves money and helps winning new customers. We will accompany you from the first consultation through the project development up to the final print results evaluation.


Internet users read differently. Copywriting ought to be short and accurate, informative but by no means boring. Our strong points at copywriting are multilingualism, right keywords strategy, relevant content and clear structure. Our texts are written
for your target audience as well as for the search engines.

Logo Design

A logo, or a company symbol, ought to be visually pleasant, memorable and recognizable at a glance. We develop and design logos based on customer wishes supported by our professional vision and our know-how: contemporary, attractive and targeted. Not every company has to have a logo, but when there is one it should fulfil its functions.


Looking for investors, partners or new customers? Trying to promote your ideas? Than you need a good professional presentation of your company or product. A presentation can be much more that a series of slides in Power Point: a video clip, flash animation, files in PDF format or a mobile application can be effectively combined to achieve best results and we can help you with that.